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Okay, I'm in between projects right now (finished mac10...maybe m4 next?) so I can make signatures if you want them. What's even better is that my brother, who is even better with photoshop than me, can help! So if you want a new on just reply. Please describe what you want on your sig and we'll do our best. ThanksSharpshooter6
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Yeah SS6 i think I'd also like a new one...lol youve obviously got your hands full...I also like the idea of Bojangles with the American Flag in background...and could you also incorporate an SVD an H&K G36e..my 2 fav weapons..and then Simply [DoL]-Gen. Reed-[$d] at the bottom..that would be SWEET...alrighty then...good lucky..-Steve 8)
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Okay then, that's the last of the requests I'll be taking at this time. My brother and I will be working on them but please be patient because we both have other activities as well. They will come in due time, and check your private message boxes as well. If I need to clear anything about your signature, I will contact you - so look out for that. Thanks!Sharpshooter6
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