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Hi guy's/girls.


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Hello ElektrA,I'm so glad you had a chance to stop by our humble abode. It is a very pleasant surprise :D I wish you could have seen our forums a week ago before the database disaster when we lost months of interesting, and sometime humorous posts. Anyway, I hope to see you on the server sometime when you get a chance.GatorP.S. For you TAs who don't know ElektrA, she is the senior moderator of the Firearms forums on www.firearmsmod.com. We are very honored to have her stop by and visit us :mrgreen: Gator
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Don't worry, that is not my style Kamikaze. 8) This is the TA forum, not Firearmsmod and even there isn't it my style to get someone banned from a server. (or you have to be myg0t, 14/88 etc)Thx for the warm welcome guy's. :Dedit: arf Kamikaze, you edited your posting! mine doesn't make any sence now. NM, ignore everything except the: Thx for the warm welcome guy's and I want to add: thx Kamikaze /me blushes.
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-Macgyver]Welcome Electra. We are glad to have you in our forums.Please make it a regular thing.It would be nice to grace us with your presence every now and then.Woo Hoo.She's purdy.Thats a good thing.

Arnet you married Mac??? lolAnyways, hey Elektra (wow I spelled that right the FIRST time! I always had trouble with Elektra spelling)
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